Stirring the Oatmeal kind of love

Nostalgia at its best, or maybe I should reserve this comment for the Apple pie blog. One of the things about moving from place to place was an added a bit of consistency  making wherever we were home was a warm breakfast food. Watching my mother or older sisters stirring oatmeal in the morning was as comforting as the outcome.  A warm bowl of comfort food. Golden brown sugar, a cube of butter in a puddle onto a smooth, not too thick, not too thin, no lumps, mound of oatmeal was just the thing to start any day off right, we did  however forego this family comfort food for a time when we lived long stretches in South East Asia, but the ingenuity applied when one must have their comfort food is truly revealing and these stories are in abundance in the third segment of  the foodbeautifulfood blog.

As with most well-loved comfort foods they evolve as they make the journey with you throughout your life. Oatmeal is one of the unsung heroes of my  journey. my sister transformed it mightily when she introduced a morning oatmeal concoction that includes chocolate protein powder and Face non fat greek yogurt. The related article adds mixed berries as well. I was looking for an on the go oatmeal snack, that would have positive effects upon my blood sugar and are portable, to pack for walks and errands. I have a proclivity to making more oatmeal than I or my spouse can eat in one sitting. I am perfecting the recipe as I write this (a batch in the oven) My Oatbran bar recipe will be available in the 4th segment  (otherwise known as present day) of my cookbooks that will be offered next Fall. In the meantime I found a Martha Stewart for Oatmeal and Dried Cherry Scones.

They turned out very well although I am trying to reduce the amount of white flour in my baking and enjoy the hunt for a flour that has nutritional value and does not alter the flavor or texture of the original recipe too much. I have tried replacing the all-purpose flour with a combination of oatflour and organic whole wheat flour. That alteration worked very well.  This obligated me to figure out a recipe for already cooked oatmeal.  With a cup of tea or cafe latte these are sure to please.Remember to stir the love into every batch.

A very important ingredient.


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