2012 Out with the Old, in with the New

In the greater scheme of things, 28 years is not really a long time. The photograph to the left is where I used to spend a lot of my time now it is photograph and a memory.  Looking back at serving food to our community -at moments during those years it felt like it all took place in  “the blink of an eye”  or paradoxically it felt as it if it would never end. As usual, I found myself in the middle of this continuum on most days. I had championed the idea of moving the business into the second generation, recognizing that the success we had did not come easy and that logically it would be easier to perpetuate a good thing and not create it all over again. I loved working with my family.  To begin with it was my husband, his two brothers, my younger brother and our son who was ten years old at the time. We used ingenuity, sweat equity, several years off of our young lives and a belief that “we” had something to give. It appears that we did. I am grateful for this reality.  I have decided to give you the “back story”, a little history per se on how it is we offered this particular style of food in our restaurant. Pretty simple really, we came from families who loved to eat and had deep, strong cultural connections to the food of their families and their cultures. I fell in love with my husband for many reasons, one being how he embraced his culture and his family. The foods of Haiti are a passion for my husband and have been part of my life for 35 years. We are not saying goodbye to the traditions, recipes and passion for these foods we are saying goodbye to serving them to our community in the way that we have for these many short years. Out with the Old.  A second generation was not to be. I have grieved this and celebrate the choice of all involved to move on with their lives. In with the New – So here I am, on my own with this love of food and this need to continue the journey. My passion starts with my family. I love my family. This I am sure I share with all of you. My experience and dare I say “expertise” lies in working with food, working with people and putting a neat tidy bow on what was 99% of the time a roller coaster ride , sometimes a merry-go-round. Oh and paying the bills. So what I will share with you  on https://foodbeautifulfood.wordpress.com are stories about family, food, work, recipes, play, pragmatic advice and how love is the glue that holds all of this together.  Topics I will approach regularly on this journey will include but are not limited to the subjects listed below. In discussion of these topics I will include recipes, articles, recommended reading and personal stories. I look forward to building a community of readers who love food and want to share the journey.

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2 thoughts on “2012 Out with the Old, in with the New

  1. Food is quite an adventure when one explores the many different flavors and textures offered throughout our world. From the delightful to the ” hmmmm, ok, that was a once in a lifetime experience”. Probably the cheapest way to experience an aspect of a different culture.

    • So true, Thanks for being my very first comment. My experience is that food serves us in so many other ways than just fuel. Grateful for the fuel certainly, the community, adventure and comfort are a few ways food serves me other than keeping me alive.

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