Food is a way of life 24/7 365 days a year. Sometimes it is simply fuel, If we are lucky. Most of the time for the lucky ones, food defines us, our history, culture, family. Sometimes food becomes  a sacred ritual, which can be the ties that can bind a family or community.  Sometimes food comforts the wild beast within. Always we need our daily sustenance. Binder1 This is the subtext, the underpinnings of the foodbeautifulfood blog. The primary message is – We love food, in its beautiful colors, shapes, flavors, textures and in the sustenance and nutrition it offers. Food is beautiful, from the most basic level all the way to the sublime. We humans are particularly lucky to have the diverse natural resources our mother earth offers us.

My family and I have been fortunate to have provided  a diverse culture and style of food to our local community for 28 years. foodbeautifulfood is born of those years of public service to our community. Love is the answer and food provides an essential ingredient in the fabric of love in our world.

So, please get ready to celebrate food, a love affair for life with me as I continue the journey.


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